Friday, November 29, 2013

A Song about "Positive Imputation"

The gospel truth that Christ died for the redemption of sinners is foundational to the Christian faith. It teaches us that Christ, and Christ alone, made it possible for us to be forgiven of our sins and adopted by God the Father into His family. This is something that many Christians have thought very long and hard about, and have grown to treasure as ballast that keeps them steady as they sail through the often temptestuous seas of life.

One of the doctrines related to the redemption is the Doctrine of Imputation, which is basically summed up in 1 Corinthians 5:21. Theologians have identified a 'positive' and a 'negative' aspect to the doctrine of Imputation. 'Negative imputation' refers to the imputation of our sins to Christ. This means we can be forgiven of our sins, which is really good news, because otherwise God's justice would demand that we pay for our own sins! The 'negative' aspect is what we usually focus on when we think about Christ's work on our behalf.

But that alone doesn't explain why God takes such delight in His people, why He has adopted us as sons, or why he has made us co-heirs with Christ. Why has God done this awesome thing for us all? Because of the 'positive' aspect of the redemption. Christ was not only the sole human being who never sinned, He was also the only one who completely fulfilled the entire Law of God. The wonderful thing is that God has imputed Christ's righteousness to us, and therefore, in His eyes, we're considered righteous, and are therefore legally entitled to His approval and blessing. Praise God!

Last semester, as I was meditating on this doctrine, the Lord allowed me to write two songs about what He had taught me. Here's the simpler, more upbeat one. (I'm still tweaking the second one.) I'd be delighted if the Lord uses it to encourage you. 

HIS FREEDOM (click here to download)
Heb 5:9; 9:24; Mt 3:15; Php 3:9; Rom 5:19; 10:4,5; Dt 6:25

Int: | D G | Bm Asus-A | D G | Bm G-A |
Cho: | D G | Bm G | D G | Bm G-A |
| D G | Bm A |
Ver: | D G | Bm A | (3x)
| D Bm | G A |

My Jesus gave His life
A pleasing sacrifice
And now I'm found in Christ
His victory is mine
Our hope rests in the One
God's Own Eternal Son
By grace we'll reign with Christ
With Christ

Everybody lifts your hearts
Clap your hands
Sing for joy
Giving thanks and praise to God
In a song of freedom
We don't have to earn His love
If we tried
We'd stumble
Just accept His gift in Christ
Come and know His freedom

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