Saturday, July 16, 2016

The 4:12 Series

The 4:12 Series presents biographical sketches of godly young people throughout history. The purpose? To encourage myself and other Filipino evangelicals to keep setting the bar high for our youth. Spiritual maturity and fruitful ministry aren't just for "older people".

It's true that biblical maturity takes time and experience to acquire. I don't want to endorse brashness, overconfidence, or delusions of grandeur among those whose primary posture should be that of a learner. But even as young people need to recognize their immaturity, they also need to passionately pursue maturity. Sadly, modern culture has no understanding whatsoever of what biblical maturity looks like, and can offer little help (and a ton of hindrances) to young believers.

Hopefully, this series of posts will serve to kindle the imaginations and stir up the passions of our youth and those who minister to them.

4:12 Series

    • Robert Garnock [coming soon]
    • James Renqick [coming soon]
    • David [coming soon]
    • Jonathan [coming soon]

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