Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fools Rush In: Learning from the Wisdom Psalms

“Wise men say, ‘Only fools rush in.’” Elvis had a point! Impulsiveness is a mark of immaturity, but wise people think carefully before acting (Pro. 14:15).

When was the last time you evaluated your own prayer life?

We all should, because we can pray poor. This would be a big problem, because through prayer we commune with God. It’s a direct line to God’s throne room. But just like telephone lines and cell sites need constant maintenance, so does our prayer life, or it will eventually break down.

That’s something we should avoid at all costs, because prayer is one of the biggest needs, responsibilities, and perks of being a believer. What could be better and more necessary than having free, unrestricted access to our Heavenly Father? If we couldn’t come God in prayer, we’d be spiritually comatose – fully aware of God’s presence, but unable to speak to Him!

But more than just maintaining our communication with heaven, we’re called to improve it. Just like our ways of communication get better and better as technology advances, so should our prayers get better and better as we advance in the Christian life. Maturity and prayer go hand in hand. As we mature, our prayer improves. Conversely, if our prayers suffer, so does our maturity.

So how can we improve our prayers? One of the best things we can do to grow in prayer is to mature in our thinking, and we can do that by gaining wisdom from the Scripture.

That’s what this series is about: learning from the Wisdom Psalms.

The Wisdom Psalms are different from many of the other psalms in the Bible because they’re addressed to people, not God, and their primary purpose is to teach God’s people how to live. The psalms that are often included in this category are psalms 1, 14, 37, 49, 53, 73, 78, 112, and 119. Most of us are already familiar with some of these, especially psalms 1, 73, and 119. In this series, we’ll be looking at two others: Psalms 78 and 112. They were probably written by different authors at different times, but both of them hold timeless treasures. Together, they teach us that the godly life is the only life worth pursuing (and praying for).


Psalm 78 tells us that the people who matter are those who are faithful to God.

Introduction: Grass vs. Trees

Part 1: Three Traits of a Life that Matters

Part 2: Three Ways to Build a Life that Matters [upcoming]


As far as Scripture is concerned, wisdom, godliness, and happiness all come in one package. Psalm 112 shows us several ingredients of the truly happy life.

Part 1: Godly = Happy = Secure [upcoming]

Part 2: Godly = Happy = Just & Generous [upcoming]


The Best of Both Worlds [upcoming]

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