Friday, October 22, 2010

Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations

Category: Book
Author: Alex and Brett Harris
Rating: 4.5 stars

Even though I'm past my teen years (22 years old), the Harris twins' godly examples have rebuked and inspired me beyond words.

God used this book to make two things crystal clear to me: In God's eyes, young men and women can do hard things for His glory, and should do hard things for His glory.

What Are "Hard Things"?

"Hard things", the Harris twins explain, doesn't refer to pointless, self-destructive actions. Rather, it means:

- growing by doing hard things until they come more naturally

- breaking free from people's low expectations of us, and doing things that represent our true God-given potential

- attempting great things for God that are beyond our personal abilities and resources, forcing us to work with others

- building integrity and practical skills through faithful dedication to necessary yet thankless and mundane tasks

- taking a stand for what's right, for example, living for Jesus Christ even when it alienates you from your community

Real Life Experiences

What I really love about this book (and the youth movement behind it) is that it provides so many true-to-life stories of teenagers of present and past generations who accomplished great things. And they did it through through grit, integrity and passion, not genius. (Most of these stories are of young Christian men and women, which is particularly helpful, because their passion and joy is directed towards Christ.)

This book has greatly strengthened my belief that God
can use this generation of young Filipino Christians (I can't help contextualizing, I'm Pinoy) to make a great contribution to His work in this world!

Where to get it: OMF Literature stores. The last time I checked, they're selling for P150 each!

Learn more: You might also want to check out the Harris Twins' website

Chuck Norris says: "To whom can we turn to motivate a new generation of giants? I've found the answer. Alex and Brett Harris and their new book, Do Hard Things." (Foreword)

P.S. Alex and Bret included a Gospel presentation at the end of the book, so you can use it as a witnessing tool. :)

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