Friday, October 22, 2010

Just Do Something

Category: Christian Living
Author: Kevin DeYoung
Rating: 4 stars

Pastor Kevin DeYoung provides a biblical and anecdotal look into the problems that Christians (specifically young adult, American Christians) have when making decisions. Through ten brief chapters he aims to help us know how to live according to God's will, while avoiding the pitfalls that are so common in Western(ized) Evangelicalism today. (Summary below)

Why Read This Book?

It's brief, easy to understand, and practical. Ptr. DeYoung's message is one that we young, Filipino Evangelicals need to hear because our churches have ingested a lot of the pseudo-Christian idolatry and secular ideals that infest our American counterparts.

Truth be told, I read the book to please a friend who lent it to me. But I thank God for making me read it because I was surprised at how helpful I found it to be. Hopefully, you'll take the time to be blessed by it as well. :)

P.S. I gave the book four stars because I still have my reserves about some points of DeYoung's theology. Of course, it's completely understandable that he chose to omit longer theological argumentation from such a small book. Also, I would've added a half-star if DeYoung was a Filipino pastor dealing with the problems of Filipino Evangelicals. :P

An Overview

Chapter 1 presents the problem: in recent decades young adult Christians have been taking more and more time to grow-up, opting instead for tinkering, indecision and instability. It pinpoints two contributing factors to the emergence of what DeYoung calls "adultolescence": more liberties and false piety.

The next segment emphasizes that while God does have an individual plan for every Christian, He does not expect us to discover it ahead of time and make decisions by it.

In Chapter 3 DeYoung examines five reasons why Christians are so directionally challenged: (1) we want to please God; (2) timidity; (3) we want heaven now, not later; (4) we have too many choices, and; (5) cowardice.

The fourth chapter lays out why and how our preoccupation with discovering God's will for individuals can stunt our spiritual growth and dishonor God.

Chapter 5 presents DeYoung's thesis for how to walk in the will of God: "Die to self. Live for Christ. And then do what you want, and go where you want, for God's glory."

The thesis is further expounded upon in the succeeding section, which briefly explains DeYoung's theology with respect to "special revelation" (visions, dreams, angels, etc.) and the canon of Scripture. He writes, "Hearing from God directly can be important and legitimate, but I certainly wouldn't treat a special impression from the Lord as more special than the sure word of the Lord found in the Bible."

Chapter 7 discusses four tools (open doors, fleeces, random Bible verses and impressions) that Christians have often abused because we want to avoid taking risks for God.

Building on the earlier points, Chapter 8 argues that God doesn't want to us wait for Him to dictate every decision we must make in life, but instead He desires that we learn about and conform to His character as revealed in the Bible.

The ninth chapter zooms in on two big concerns of young Christians:
What work should I pursue? and Who should I marry?

In the conclusion DeYoung recounts his grandfather's life and life-philosophy, and holds them up as an example for young Christians to follow. The book concludes by reiterating the way of life that God has called all His children to follow.

Where to get it: I think CGM has published a local version, though I'm not 100% sure.

Also check out: Kevin DeYoung's page at


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