Friday, October 22, 2010

Planet Earth

Category: Documentary
Rating: 4.5 stars

BBC's Planet Earth . What can I say? Wow.

I love documentaries, and this has got to be the best series I've ever seen!

Spectacular scenic shots.
Never-before-filmed wildlife.
Awesome geographical shots of the earth.

The series as a whole presents the blue planet in massive scope, capturing for its viewers spectacles from the highest peaks of the world to the depths of earth and ocean.

How great our Creator is!

Guys. Two thumbs, and my big toes, UP!!! :)

Why I Didn't Give it 5 Stars

The only reason I couldn't give Planet Earth a 5-star rating is that it asserts (needlessly, I think) an evolutionary point of view. But I don't think this contributes anything to the viewing experience, and is really unnecessary.

Where to get it: National Bookstore. You might also find it in various music/video stores.

Also check out: BBC's more recent documentary, Life. I'm not sure if it's out in the Philippines yet, but it's definitely something I'll be looking out for.

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