Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What Mature Minds Think About Reading (Part 1)

You can tell by my blog that I think that reading is very important. Still, it helps me tremendously to know what some of my role models think about reading.

Albert Mohler

Defining Literacy Down - Do Your Kids Read Books? - Mohler comments on the decline of reading among American youths, and makes a case for Christians' need to read.

On Getting Boys to Read - The title says it all.

The Survival of the Book - A Word from James Billington - A short blog about why information technology will supplement, not replace, the book.

For You, A Video On Reading - A short video from the 2010 Resolved Conference where Mohler talks about reading as both a duty and a joy.

John MacArthur

In the Q&A of his website, John MacArthur briefly answers the question, Since notable expositors are avid readers, what are your reading preferences?

He gives a more extensive answer in this video from the 2010 Resolved Conference (where he's actually seated beside Mohler).

That's it for now, but rest assured I'm coming back to this topic later.

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  1. Yo man!
    I really like this entry. Partly because the first article is about librarians and information literacy. Since I have this topic as my thesis, I am familiar with the original definition of the term, which really was to train and equip students with skills to do efficient research, both in print and digital media.
    This tendency to rely on the Internet and ignore books/reading altogether is I think more because of having an attitude that reading is boring, compared to AV or video games that are more "entertaining". But there is a reason why avid readers usually prefer the book over the film/game adaptation.

    I will cross-post this on FB! :D

  2. Good point, kuya! I've only read a few books that made it to the big screen, but I know what you mean. The book is always richer, and no CG animator can reproduce the awesomeness that goes on in our imaginations. :D