Friday, November 19, 2010

An Unexpected Reading Tip from Rick Warren

I just watched Rick Warren's message for the Desiring God National Conference 2010. He had a useful tip for Christians regarding what resources we should read. According to him,

One of the ways you can store up knowledge is to start a godly family library and leave it as a legacy to the next generation. You should read 25 percent of your books from the first 1500 years of church history [early Church and pre-Reformation], 25 percent from the last 500 years [post-Reformation], 25 percent from the last 100 years [modern], and 25 percent from recent years [contemporary].
Now that's a challenge, and one with a lot of thought behind it! Personally, I think that this is a great idea, and is in-line with the idea of "timeless truths." (as mentioned in my earlier article)

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