Thursday, December 2, 2010

Taking Notes with the Kindle

I began thinking about this after a discussion with Kuya RG, IE, Kuya Jeremy and Jacky about the pros and cons of the Kindle 2.

Again, I had to admit that the Kindle doesn't have the ability to create a separate file just for notes. (Bad Kindle, bad!) But manly dominion dictates that we make a way, ika nga, Gumawa ka ng paraan.

So I did a little casual research and discovered that, yes, you can take notes with the Kindle, and here's how to do it:
  1. Create a .doc or .htm file. Mine has a title ("Today's Dos") and ten lines each saying "Item".
  2. Email it to "(username)"
  3. Download the AZW file they send you.
  4. Take notes.
Victory! Hahaha.

Also see: How to make a table of contents for homemade Kindle eBooks


  1. This infographic looks interesting.

  2. Nice infographic. Natawa ako. :P Yes, the Kindle can't replace printed material, but it sure makes a great complement to it!