Thursday, June 21, 2012

Progressive Dispensationalism Conference

I've been in a seminar on Progressive Dispensationalism* with since Tuesday. It's all pretty meaty and heady stuff. Once I get back, I plan to enroll in Grace Ministerial Academy--a bulwark of Covenant Theology* (PD's rival) in the Philippines. I feel like my mind is running on a pentium III processor, when everyone else is already using a dual/quad core.


I can't wait til I can make sense of it all and how it applies to my life and ministry.
left to right: pastors Oscar, Caloy, Rollie, Bob, Romy, Mark Saucy (speaker), and Deni

with Ptr. Jurem Ramos of Soli Deo Gloria, Davao City

* Progressive Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology are alternate frameworks that theologians and pastors use to interpret the Bible as a whole and in part.

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