Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Apologetics Before Breakfast: I'd Rather Be a Slave of God

Sometimes, when a particular idea is swimming around in my head, I imagine dialogues between a believer (representing God's Word) and someone else (representing the opposing view). This morning, the idea of 'freedom' vs.'slavery to God' formed itself into such a dialogue, and wrote it down just to get it 'off my chest,' so to speak. None of the issues brought up here are dealt with comprehensively, but hopefully you find these 'seed' thoughts helpful.

Humanist: What do you think about yourself? What defines you as a person?

Christian: I am a Christian, a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ and slave to the God of Heaven. And what about you?

H: I'm a humanist, a free-thinker. I'm not bound by religious morals of a bygone age, or the irrational fear of an imaginary God.

C: Oh, that's unfortunate. The Lord is a very good Master. He treats all His servants well, provides for them, and even adopts them as His own children. In fact, He even gave His own life for them.

H: Surely, you're not going to tell me next that we need a Savior because we're all natural-born sinners? I just don't think I need to torture ourselves with that kind of false guilt. Sure, humanity isn't perfect, but we need to have faith in ourselves. Look at all the progress we've made through millions of years of evolution!

C: By progress you mean our advances in technology, medicine, etc.?

H: Yes, exactly.

C: Well, I believe that even those things are God's blessings upon humanity (though I'd disagree with you about evolution).

H: Ah, but why do you always have to give the credit to God for good things that people do? Why is it that whenever you see something bad in humanity, it's our fault because we're sinful. But whenever you see something good in us, it's because of God?

C: Because, we're all dependent on God for "life, and breath, and everything." (Acts 17:25) God is the source of everything that is truly good, beautiful, and true.

H: Well, you're free to believe that if you want. But I'm not going to subject myself to God if it means that my life has to revolve around Him. I'm a free person. I don't serve any master. I'm the master of my fate, the captain of my soul (as Henley so beautifully said). I'm not a slave, and I think it's a shame that's how you see yourself. I think it's even worse that you're trying to make others slaves like you.

C: You're right about that last part. I wish everyone were a slave of God! But I wish you could see why. Don't you understand that you're a slave to whatever defines you as a person? (Rom 6:16) So, if the defining principle of our life is serving ourselves and doing whatever we think is right... we're actually slaves to ourselves! And if we're honest with ourselves, we'll have to admit that we make really terrible masters! God made us. Did you make yourself? God created and sustains the whole universe. What do you sustain? God enables us to interact and enjoy the world around us -- the sights, sounds, tastes, and textures. What have you done, by comparison? God is infinitely holy and just, but also loving, merciful, and kind. And those two meet perfectly at the cross, where the Son of God willingly paid the price for the sins of the world, so that whoever would believe in Him could receive full forgiveness and acceptance with God. What great thing have you done? What sacrifice have you made? I could go on... but don't you see that it's foolish to serve yourself, when God is an infinitely better Master?

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