Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kindle: Makeshift Table of Contents (Update)

Since my earlier post , I've been trying to find a better way to create a makeshift, functional table of contents (TOC). I thank DA Carson for the motivation, since his papers were impossible to accommodate using my previous method.

Editing the original .htm file. You can see the page breaks and the hyperlinks (clue, underlined texts)

So What's The Difference?

The problem with my first method was that I used endnotes to create links between the TOC and the various chapters/segments of the homemade eBook. It worked well enough, but looked a little awkward, and was no good for texts that used footnotes or endnotes.

Thankfully, I remembered this nifty thing called "hyperlinks," which are the basis for my new method. here's how it works:
  1. Make a Contents page with the titles of each chapter/segment.
  2. "Insert" a bookmark at the beginning of each title of a chapter/segment. Use the title as a name for the bookmark.
  3. Select a title in the Contents page and "insert" a hyperlink to the appropriate bookmark.
Hope this helps, friends. I'm pretty happy with this method because it's pretty close to having a "real" Kindle TOC. But if you find out how to make a real one, please do share your info with the rest of us. :)

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