Thursday, March 6, 2014

Messiah's Righteousness

Here it is, finally! My second song about the doctrine of Positive Imputation. This one's longer and more contemplative than the first song, HIS FREEDOM.

Thanks to friends who were very generous with their feedback and suggestions, this song went through many revisions. May this song exalt our Lord Jesus Christ!

MESSIAH'S RIGHTEOUSNESS (click here to listen)
Heb 5:9; 9:24; Mt 3:15; Php 3:9; Rom 5:19; 10:4,5; Jn 10:17; Dt 6:25; Ps 40:6-8
tempo: 56bpm

Int: | E A | Bsus B | C#m B | A |
Ver: | E A | Bsus B | C#m B | A | (2x)
| F#m | B | G#m | *
* to Verse: | C#m B | A |
* to Chorus: | C#m | B |
Cho: | E | B | C#m B/D# | A/E | (2x)
Bdg: | A | E | C#m | B | (2x)

I stumble time and again
Even when I do all that I can
Couldn't earn Your delight
You see through my pretensions and lies
You see through to my sins
You undo my disguise
He gave His life to be spent
For the world, Son of God among men
He obeyed all Your Law
While we covered our ears when You' call
But He stood in our place
So that we could be whole
I don't need a helping hand
I need a Savior
Who did Your commands
I need more than forgiveness
I need Messiah's righteousness
I'm found in Jesus alone
He is every good that I know
All my joy is in Him
Who though tempted remained without sin
Who defeated the grave
And will reign without end
I failed, He succeeds
My hope is Christ
I'll follow His lead
In him delight
King of Heaven, God of light
Bless us in Jesus in whom You delight
Your affection and promises
Won by Messiah's righteousness
Won by Messiah's righteousness
Won by Messiah's righteousness!

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